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    This is an innovative project for deep processing of forest resources. It is based on the concept of a fully vertically integrated company that monitors all production chains of timber processing, from direct long-term lease of timber, own logging, complete waste-free processing of all timber, including green mass, and ending with direct sales of all types of finished products in target markets.

  • The company owns a long-term lease of 47 hectares of high-quality forest, with an estimated cutting area of 109 thousand cubic meters of roundwood per year. Our forest fund, which has a very high density of wood due to severe climatic conditions, consists mainly of spruce, birch and aspen. Made from spruce, glued and molded products are produced.

  • All available birch goes on manufacturing of a furniture board. Cuttings residues and green coniferous mass are raw materials for the manufacture of essential oils. The production of essential oils is handled by a subsidiary company - KomiAroma ®. Low-quality waste sawmills provide fuel to its own boiler house. Lumbering wastes and other wood waste, including aspen, are raw materials for the manufacture of fuel pellets of the DIN PLUS standard.

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